TMJ Solutions

Get in touch if your jaw joint has a :-

Click or Pop

Painful Click

Only Pain

Deviation on mouth opening

Restriction of (reduced/less) mouth opening

Painful jaw movements

Stuck Joint

Pain on biting or chewing

In an emergency? Need help now?

Facial Trauma Management

Treatment for fractured jaw, broken or dislocated jaw .

Splint Therapy

Jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) pain and facial muscle pain relief.

Facial and neurological pain relief

Facial Nerve paralysis, trigeminal neuralgic pain.

Treatment for Oral Lesions

Treatment for Jaw cyst, Tumors, Mouth cancer, Oral submucous fibrosis (reduced mouth opening/ fibrosis due to gutkha chewing) and Oral Ulcers.

Prosthetic and Oral Rehabilitation

Treatment for Missing tooth, Dental implant Surgery and Facial Prosthesis.

Cosmetic Facial and Corrective Surgeries

Facial asymmetry, Gummy smile sorrection, treatment for Jaw Malalignment, Dental & facial Implants.


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